lundi 28 avril 2014

How to Make a Tasty Quesadilla

Everyone loves a good quesadilla. They are easy to make, can be done quickly, and are undeniably tasty! Here are some tips on how to make a great quesadilla. Although a quesadilla can be made with just cheese, it is best served with grilled chicken. Take a chicken breast cutlet and tenderize it, and then preferably cook it on a grill. Usually the chicken breast will require cooking around 6 minutes per side. If a grill is not available, an aroma pot or something similar will work fine. If you are feeling creative, do not hesitate to marinate the chicken or add other spices.
Once the chicken is cooked, take a sharp knife and cut the cooked chicken into cubes. Cubes about one centimeter per side are ideal, although whatever suits your individual taste should work fine. It is best to cut the chicken after it has cooled down slightly after cooking.
When the chicken is fully cut, it is time to warm up a frying pan to slightly less than medium heat. When the frying pan has warmed up, place some butter on the pan. It is better to use butter than oil, as the butter will add flavor to any tortilla that you will use. Once the butter has melted and been spread on the pan, it is time to place a soft tortilla on the pan. At this point it is time to spread the cut chicken evenly on one half of the tortilla while mixing the chicken with cheese evenly. At most supermarkets you may find a cheese blend specially made for quesadillas. Once the chicken and cheese are set up, fold the tortilla in half and let it cook.
While the quesadilla is cooking, it is a good idea to press the top of the tortilla to shape it properly into a quesadilla shape. The goal of the cooking is to slightly toast the tortilla while melting the cheese inside. Once you see that the cheese is melted, it is time to flip the quesadilla. The process can be repeated for the other side of the quesadilla. Once the cheese has fully melted, you are finished! Time to eat!

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